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Social Media Marketing Suite

The Social Media Marketing Suite, is the most innovative solution for creation, syndication and monitoring of viral promotions on facebook and twitter. Social Media Marketing Suite consists of easy to use set of apps build on scalable and reliable platform.

Kairos Suite Social Media Marketing Platform

At Kairos Suite, we have built a fully integrated, SaaS(Software-as-a-Service) platform leveraging best of breed technologies.

Kairos Suite Social Media Marketing Apps

Using Social Media Marketing Suite, within just minutes and for just a few spend a day marketers can create campaigns that will go viral. Marketers can create promotions, publish to social media and your website all through an easy wizard based user interface.


 Kairos Suite Social CRM

SOCIAL MARKETING CAMPAIGNS ON MOBILE SMS TEXT AND PRINT ADS WITH QR CODE Leads generated by Social Media Marketing Suite give direct access to the Fan/Follower data through Social Media. This give 360 view of the prospect and empowers the business to convert leads into customers. LEARN HOW TO EXTEND YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING CAMPAIGNS ON MOBILE SMS




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