Facebook Advertising

If you are into any form of business, either online or offline, I bet you know the impact advertisement can make to your business. Whether you offer a product, or service, Facebook Ad can serve you better, with a deep targeting technique, you’re sure to reach your target audience without wasting advert money. No matter what your target audience are, be it men only, women only, people within a specific age range, people in Nigeria only, people interest in losing weight, or people interested in fashion, etc, Facebook ads can give you that target and it is time for you to make good use of all these targeted information.

With a minimal budget, businesses are able to reach out to their target audience and showcase their products.

You can target your audience by age, sex and geographical area. Facebook advertising is based on a PPC model. This means that you only pay for an advert every time it is viewed or clicked.

Our Facebook Advertising Services involves:

Analysis – Research on your target audience, define your business goals such as Cost Per Click or Cost Per Sale and establish the right plan of action.

Design – Create engaging copy content for the ads and design appealing adverts for the campaign

Monitoring – Measure results, identify weaknesses and strengths, and optimize adverts depending on the findings.

Reporting - Keep you abreast with relevant data on your advertisement campaign