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Email Marketing, Social Sharing, Mobile Messaging


Basic Features

New to email marketing? Our simple editor helps you create studio-quality email campaigns without any HTML or design skills. You don't need a designer to put together a newsletter layout - assemble it yourself in a few easy steps or use one of our 400 free email templates. Create a mailing list in no time, add a ready-made subscription form to your site or blog and hit the send button.


Advanced Features

Manage your bulk email marketing campaigns using our hosted solution. Store your data online and access it from anywhere in the world! Automate your email campaign and send highly targeted campaigns to a segmented list. Test your campaign with AB split tests and analyse your sends with our drill-down reports and Google Analytics integration. Increase client interaction with our social publishing tools and newsletter comments tools.


Did you know?

CihanMail also offers powerful mobile marketing solutions that allow you to send regular SMS/text messages. This includes a free mobile editor that lets you create mobile sites filled with images, text, forms and videos; pushed to subscribers via a link in the SMS/text.

We also offer mash-ups and integrations such as open source site integrations with Joomla and Google Analytics to name a few.


Send Bulk SMS / Create Mobile Sites







Make an Eflyer

Do you need to send a quick eFlyer to announce your event, sell stock, or offer a gift voucher? Use our eflyer templates - they look great no matter if someone reads them on a mobile phone or desktop; go ahead, sign up for a free account and take your pick from 400 of them!


What you can do with your Eflyers

Add your message: Edit your flyer and upload images - easy enough to use for people with or without HTML design skills.

Make them look pretty: Try out different templates. Choose from categories and different formats.

Upload your own template: Upload your own template by importing the file. Or, have it pulled directly off your web page.

Any language works: Send both plain text and HTML emails in virtually any foreign language (with Umlaute and French accents!).

Personalize your eFlyer: Address the reader by name, insert personalized links, send personalized content.

Share and forward: Grow your mailing list - it's easy to add ‘Sign Up’, ‘Forward to a Friend’ and Facebook LIKE buttons to your e-flyers.

Preview and test: Test your eFlyer to see what it looks like in different Inboxes. Run it through a spam-check.

Increase opens: Use A/B testing to see which eflyer gets opened or clicked through more - send the winner to your entire list.

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