Kairos Mobile (Advanced Package)

Kairos mobile platform is built to reach billions of mobile users in 190 countries. With geo-redundant data-centers, advanced monitoring and highly skilled support verified by thousands of satisfied clients we promise exceptional service delivery worldwide. Bulk SMS, 2-Way Messaging, Number Context, USSD Interactive Services, Mobile Payments & Push Notification. By partnering with KairosMobile you join a global family of forward thinking and innovative people helping you use the latest in mobile communications technology to further your business objectives.


Kairos mobile services bring your business the most effective communication channel.  

Fast integration of mobile payments with competitive payouts increase revenue for online merchants.



Bulk SMS

Reach millions with a high performance messaging solution.
Deliver SMS messages to mobile handsets almost anywhere in the world.


2-Way Messaging

Get a number to send and receive SMS. Use 2-way messaging service for 2-way communication with your clients.


Number Context

Reduce costs by solving number portability issues. Improve your mobile messaging effectiveness and lower your SMS costs.


USSD Interactive Services

Interactive mobile services for your customers.
No matter which mobile phone they use.


Mobile Payments

Anyone with a mobile phone now can pay. 
Get to them with Centili, the Infobip mobile payments service.


Push Notifications

Customer engagement becomes quick and easy. Use push notifications service to send information to subscribers even when their app is closed.


How to start using our mobile services ?


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