Clean Up Your Mailing List And Save Money

As an email marketer you once might have woken up from that one bad dream: the horrible one where you’re finding out that you’ve been sending out your precious newsletters to a list full of outdated or fake email addresses.

Surely, there’s no bigger nightmare than wasting your effort and time on working with a list of never-opening recipients.

To make sure you can start dreaming of astronomic open rates again, CihanMail has created a tool that allows you to clean up your list, so you won't keep wasting credits.

How are we able to do this?   With List Clean Up, CihanMail connects directly to email providers to test and verify each address on a specified opt-in email list, cleaning out all the invalid addresses of recipients that will neither see your messages, nor contribute to your return on investment. It will help you save on bulk sending costs in the long run.
This way delivery rates will also go up, without you having to worry about losing valid recipients by mistake. CihanMail will make sure that it doesn’t over-scrub your list. Besides that, the tool is totally voluntary and is just there to keep your list clean, should your deliveries and response rates start dropping.

graphicmail list cleanup

Here’s how it works:

1) Log into your CihanMail account and click on “Email verification” under the Lists & Contacts tab.

2) Select the list you want to filter, check out how much it will cost and purchase credits if needed (1 credit is charged per address) before submitting for verification.

3) Wait briefly for the process to complete. To make sure you don’t lose the old addresses, a new clean list will appear in your account without overriding the original.

4) Download the detailed verification report in PDF format for a full run-down on the results. This report is available for up to two days after your list has been scrubbed

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