Social Media Marketing Solutions

Kairos Suite provides specific solutions for Brands, SMBs and Advertising Agencies using custom features of Social Media Marketing Suite. Each vertical can generate significantly more leads


Solutions from Kairos Suite

Brands:Social Media Marketing Suite for Brands

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR BRANDSSocial Media Marketing Suite provides custom features that brands can leverage. Kairos Suite tools help brand managers significantly enhance brand presence on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. By adding social marketing to your brand strategy, marketing managers can create viral promotions that result in fan growth and increased customer loyalty. The brand manager can grow Facebook fans, conduct twitter promotions and measure success of these campaigns in real time as they reach a much larger audience than ever before.

  • Create fun and effective viral promotions to encourage customer engagement

  • Announce brand marketing activities like webinars and tradeshows, through social promotions

  • Drive revenue by effective call to actions that will grow and ultimately monetize fans

  • Turn brand presence into a profit stream through promotions like limited time offers and sales

  • Measure campaign success in real time and optimize the brand's social outreach


Benefits of Social Marketing Strategies

Advocacy:SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING SUITE FOR BRAND ADVOCACY Using our social marketing tools Brand managers can create and encourage brand advocates who become champions for their brands and influence the perceptions and purchasing behaviors of other consumers.

Community: SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING SUITE FOR BRANDS TO BUILD COMMUNITY Creating campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, will enable brand managers to build an online community. This will encourage referrals from community members and deep engagement with loyal customers.


Awareness:SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING SUITE FOR BRANDS TO CREATE AWARENESS New brands need to establish awareness while established brands need to maintain their market share. Our social media tools will complement brand marketing strategies to create and maintain market share.


Relevance:SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING SUITE FOR BRANDS TO STAY RELEVANT Stay relevant and current. Customers need to perceive companies and brands as being in touch with the times, when it comes to the tools they use to communicate with consumers.



SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR SMBsThe platform caters specifically to the needs of Small and Medium Businesses. SMBs are constantly looking for ways to generate new leads, maximize profits and keep up with the big companies and bigger brands. The Social Media Marketing Suite is a ground breaking product that makes it very easy to create marketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ at the fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

In addition, the Social Media Marketing Suite helps small businesses manage social media tools to truly get business value from them. SMB s can create fun and effective viral promotions like coupons, give-aways, sweepstakes and contests without requiring technical expertise or large advertising budgets. Engaging promotions will encourage referrals by satisfied customers, increasing business revenue.


Advertising Agencies

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR AD AGENCIESKairos Suite has tailored solutions for Advertising Agencies. White Label Tools for Advertising Agency. If you are an Advertising Agency or an independent marketing consultant wanting to industrialize the way you sell social media campaigns to your customers, Kairos Suite of apps is the perfect tool for your business. Social Media Marketing Suite for agencies does all the heavy lifting by hiding the technological complexity of syndicating your campaigns and lets you focus on client's needs. Your team collaborates with clients and your media buyers support the campaign with ads additionally you can use our in-house teams to fill the gaps

Using Kairos Suite tools and apps you can:

    Significantly grow your client's fan base
    Help your client build viral campaigns
    Drive additional revenue by monetizing on increased fan-base
    Work closely with the client to monitor campaigns and deliver regular reports

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